Episode 8: Enough is enough!

In our eighth episode we discuss an article that was written by Terence Harding on March 11 titled “Edmonton, we need to start saying no”. It was widely read and shared online, and sparked a good discussion about urban growth in our city. Here’s an excerpt:

Let me see if I have this right.

The city in which I live, which seems unable to build and maintain the infrastructure it currently has, wants to have more space to build more infrastructure it will not be able to maintain.

We discuss the City’s proposed annexation, we talk about core civic services, and yes, we touch on potholes. Is the problem one of planning? Are we experiencing urban growth or urban hoarding? Does anyone really think about how to operate things 30 years down the line? Where’s the task force that will figure out how we’re going to pay for everything? These are some of the questions we discuss.

In an election year like 2013, you can expect to hear many conversations about this topic. What do you think, are we as a city tackling too much?