Episode 46: Edmonton Hospitals, New Chamber CEO, Northlands Arena Strategy Committee, Winter Events

In our forty-sixth episode, we discuss the state of hospitals in Edmonton, the ongoing saga of the Oilers, Janet Riopel’s new role as President and CEO of the Edmonton Chamber, the Northlands Arena Strategy Committee (which Mack is part of), the cancelled Santa Claus Parade, the 104 Street business situation with Earth’s General Store, and more.

Why are our hospitals falling apart? Why haven’t we planned properly to maintain them? Are we doing a better job with other things, like neighbourhood renewal? Why can’t the Oilers seem to turn things around when other teams have been able to? Are fans finally starting to stay away from games as a result? What’s going on with the Northlands Arena Strategy Committee? Is the cancelled Santa Claus Parade a bad thing or an opportunity? Are we tough enough to get outside? Why hasn’t Earth’s General Store found success on 104 Street?

We discuss those questions and more!

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