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Episode 28: Mayor Iveson the Operator

In our twenty-eighth episode, we discuss the new City of Edmonton office tower and the way that Mayor Iveson handled the situation. Graham thinks he’s a smooth operator, and I have to agree.

There wasn’t a lot of fuss about the building, and Council was more or less on the same page about the deal. Even though it went to the Katz Group, no one questioned that the process followed was fair. On the whole, the announcement came and went rather smoothly. We suggest it’s because Mayor Iveson is great at the behind-the-scenes action.

And if he did that for the arena and the tower, can he do it for the LRT? Or for other big infrastructure projects? We dive into those questions and more.

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Episode 2: Oilers Addiction

In episode #2, we discuss why we’re addicted to the Edmonton Oilers. What is it about our hockey team that keeps everyone so interested? Why did the lockout seem to have no effect on our addiction? Why don’t other sports teams in Edmonton have such a following?

We also delve into the notion of civic identity. Edmonton’s seems to be intertwined with the Oilers, but can that change? Of course, it’s hard for us to chat about the Oilers without touching on the arena too! That didn’t take long, did it?

The episode is a bit random, we admit, but we’re still figuring this out so thanks for joining us on the journey! As always, we’d love your feedback, so don’t be shy!