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Episode 45: Oilers, New Restaurants, Economic Development in the Region, Health Accelerator, Public Washrooms

In our forty-fifth episode, we discuss the ongoing plight of the Edmonton Oilers, some new restaurants around town that have caught our eye, the new Sexy Men of YEG Food calendar, the latest CRB report on coordinated economic development, the new Health Accelerator at TEC Edmonton, and public washrooms.

There are lots of new restaurants to try, including Ampersand, a revamped North 53, and a bunch of lunch spots all around Central LRT Station. It’s a great time to enjoy downtown eats! On the topic of food, have you seen the Sexy Men of YEG Food calendar? All proceeds go to support the Edmonton Food Bank.

What can be done in the region to ensure we have positive economic development in the future? There’s an opportunity here, so how can we seize it? How does the City Charter fit into this opportunity, if at all?

Thanks to some funding from TEC Edmonton, we have a new Health Accelerator moving forward in Edmonton. Will we see 50 new health-related companies created as a result? How will this be different than previous efforts to succeed in the health-commercialization space?

Finally, we have a beautiful new public washroom in Borden Park. Have you checked it out?

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