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Episode 48: Makerspace, Metro Line LRT, CP Redevelopment, Uber

In our forty-eight episode, we record in the new Makerspace Studio at the Stanley Milner Library downtown! We discuss the latest delay with the Metro Line LRT extension, the proposed redevelopment of the southside CP railyards, and we once again cover Uber.

How could the LRT extension to NAIT be delayed again? Was the approach to the signaling system thought through? It’s unacceptable that the opening of the LRT has been delayed until May, the fourth such delay, and we try to make sense of it. Oh, and how do you pronounce the name of the contractor? We gave it our best shot.

We discuss CP Rail’s plans to redevelop its southside rail yards. That’s a big piece of land, which could be really valuable. Will the City extend streets like 76 Avenue that currently stop at the railyards? If so, the development could have a unifying effect on the area.

And we once again discuss Uber. It was a hot topic at Council recently, with the decision in the end being to declare them illegal until such time as the Vehicle for Hire bylaws can be updated to allow services like Uber. Since we recorded, Uber has launched a petition to urge City Council to allow Uber in Edmonton.

We end with a brief discussion about disruptive TV and movie services.

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