Episode 18: Wayfinding

In our eighteenth episode, we discuss the Edmonton Wayfinding Project, which aims to help people get around the city. Have you ever been lost trying to get from point A to point B? Yes you have!

Why is it called Coliseum Station? How far can you make it on the pedway without going outside? Why haven’t our wayfinding systems, for both vehicles as well as cyclists, transit riders, and pedestrians, improved over the years? We discuss these questions and more. We also talk about what the Edmonton Wayfinding Project is trying to accomplish.

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  • suzanne dennis

    wow- how timely! just got myself lost in the bowels of the #yegdt library this weekend.
    first off – i had to ask the security guard if the set of stairs i was contemplating actually took me toward the LRT
    once i got past the ‘no signs what-so-ever’ territory, there appeared a rash of quite useful signs (they almost looked hand made???) for the majority of the voyage…..
    THEN…NOTHING!!!! a lone arrow pointing down to which door – who knows???? so i went down, down, down; figuring that’s where the LRT was, NOPE :0

    backtracked and almost gave up (even tho i have made that trek B4, and while wandering aimlessly recalled just how creepy and lonesome the voyage was prior)–i just KNEW that darn LRT had to be there somewhere!
    2 more handmade arrow signs is all i would have needed
    ha ha ha
    su :)
    ps….missing the cheese!