Episode 41: High Level Bridge Lights, 104 Street Closures, Digital Parking Meters, Touch the Water

In our forty-first episode, we talk about the new lights on the High Level Bridge, businesses closing on 104 Street, an update on the Commonwealth Games bid, the end of coin-operated parking meters, and the touch the water project.

Do you like the lights on the High Level Bridge? They’re here to stay either way! There have been a few closures on 104 Street recently, such as Sobeys and Corona Shoes. Is there an issue there? Are they closures something we should be concerned about? Now that the bid committee has been named for the effort to host the Commonwealth Games in 2022, should we be optimistic? Edmonton is getting rid of coin-operated parking meters, replacing them with digital ones as they have in Calgary. Is there an opportunity to do something more, or should we just take this progress and build on it? Finally, what are the prospects for the touch the water project? We discuss those questions and more.

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